Tree Surgery Overview

The term Tree Surgery covers a broad range of techniques for the management of mature trees. Unless very old or suffering from disease, trees rarely require surgery attention. However, where confined in urban areas, trees are very often subject to stress that may lead to problems such as instability. Regular inspection will detect the early onset of problems that may require only simple pruning or, if trouble has developed, the following various techniques are available to correct potentially threatening situations.

The skilled assessment and pruning of specimens trees for reasons of health, aesthetics and safety requires extensive knowledge of the physiology and characteristics of each species within the content of each tree's particular environment and location. Yew Tree Forestry LTD. will carefully consider all aspects of the customer's requirements and the subject tree's need and base its work upon these factors.


The complete removal of a tree is sometimes necessary because of conflicting site use or the death or dangerous condition of the subject tree. If space permits this can be accomplished by directional felling, or Yew Tree Forestry Ltd. Can control the direction of fall using skilled winching techniques. Where lack of space dictates sectional felling, the subject tree is systematically dismantled in a controlled and safe manner to avoid damage to surrounding obstacles. Roping, rigging equipment, mobile cranes and elevated platforms can be used.

Deadwood Pruning

Deadwood Pruning is the removal from the tree of dead, dying or broken branches and diseased branch wood. This can be significant for the health of a tree and important in public areas or close to highways etc. from the viewpoint of safety liability. However, where only limited public access occurs, wildlife may utilise deadwood for habitat and a food source. Yew Tree Forestry Ltd. Appreciates the broad range of tree owners' interests and can advise and tailor works to meet these.


Heavy Crown Reduction Pruning or Pollarding techniques are sometimes appropriate where the crown of a deciduous tree is simply too large for its location or in instances where extensive defects and weaknesses might make the tree unstable. Severe pruning of this type can stimulate vigorous regrowth. Yew Tree Forestry Ltd will fully discuss the implementation of this technique with clients as required.


Thinning is the sensitive removal of a selected proportion of secondary and small live branch growth throughout the crown and overall. This will result in an even density of foliage around a well-spaced and balanced structure that permits light penetration and lessens wind resistance. This pruning work is formative and can also be remedial work for the long-term health of more mature trees.